Expert witness

Expert opinions in connection with legal disputes 

The primary role of an expert witness is to express expert opinions in connection with legal disputes. Mr Holmes skills are readily transferable to a number of other roles in the same or related fields, such as advising roles to documentary film-makers and TV, Radio news programs, reviews of the work of professionals in the same expertise, advisory roles in national awarding bodies and government agencies.

The primary client base is the legal and education professions. We are however prepared to undertake other commissions in related areas.

Mr Holmes has dealt with tree issues as an expert witness in the legal and planning systems, from written representations to public inquiries. He acts as a Single Joint Expert, advising on a range of issues including insurance negotiations, personal injury, subsidence, tree preservation orders and the law, planning/development issues, tree evaluation and assessment.

Tree Surveys particular areas of expertise include:

  • Decay detection.
  • Dysfunction assessment.
  • Tree, landscape and woodland valuation.
  • Negotiation of settlements.
  • Construction related tree damage.

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